International Shipping

Waku Waku Island is US based and as of now are continuing shipment to the UK and EU. The situation is rapidly evolving, but if your location is available at checkout, we are still shipping to you :) Please keep in mind that International Mail is currently very slow. All orders shipped via USPS First Class International can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months. This shop is not responsible to customs or import duties at the point of entry to your country.
When you go to collect your package from your local post office, please expect your package to be held until you have paid the VAT. This will be 20% of the order total.

Forced Returns: Items that do not go through the shop's return process will not receive a refund.
This includes:
Refusing an item from USPS
Refusing to pay import duties etc.
Any method to force an item back to the shop without contacting the shop first