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Welcome to the Home of the Original GameBoy Garden!
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One of a kind and made by hand...

Frequently Asked Questions


How often do you update your shop?

Next Shop Update: TBD

Waku Waku Island is moving!
Seattle, WA -> Atlanta, GA
Please be patient as I make this transition :)

I usually release about 10-25 pieces per update. Most pieces sell out VERY FAST because each one of my pieces is one of a kind.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, I do ship the Gameboy Terrariums Internationally! I currently use Fedex Priority for international shipping. The price will be calculated at checkout.
As of January 1st, 2021 I will no longer be shipping to the UK due to the new Brexit tax laws.

Can I pre-order or reserve a piece ahead of time?

No, to make it fair for everyone all shop updates are first come first serve.

Do you do custom orders?

Custom orders are closed indefinitely.
I may open very limited spots sometime in the future.

if you'd like to request a character you can do so here

How much do your pieces cost?

GameBoy Terrariums: $80+
DS Lite Terrariums $100+
Small Lantern Terrariums: $45+

Do you make more than one of each piece?

All of my Gameboy and DS terrariums are one of a kind, I will sometimes make variants of the same piece but no two are ever the exact same.

How can I see what pieces will be available in your next shop update?

I will announce on social media what pieces will be available, I post the shop update date under each post.
I also post a shop preview a few days before each shop update, these pieces will be marked as "sold out" but you'll see the date and time they will be posted if you click on the listing.

Can I request a character?

Yes! You can submit your request HERE
Submitting a response does not guarantee I will make your request.

Are they made with real GameBoys?

No I do not/will not use any real working or broken devices! I make all my pieces with new GameBoy/DS replacement shells.
All devices are not functional, DS screens are just pictures, they do not turn on or light up.

Are the plants real?

The plants are artificial and the moss is preserved, so the planters require little to no maintenance. Everything inside the Gameboy is strongly glued together. However in the rare event that the items are delivered to you loosely, please get in touch.

How long does it take to make your pieces?

It anywhere from 4-6 hours to make each piece. each one is made with a lot of care and attention to small details.

Are the figurines handmade?

No, the figures use for my pieces are sourced from Japan, I try to stick with authentic toys from brands like Bandai and Tomy. Some of the toys are also from Japanese Gashapon machines! I get them from SO many different websites and independent sellers. Its taken me a long time to build my list of resources. If you are wondering what collection or brand a certain figure is from just message me!

Where do you get your supplies and figures?

I buy from TONS of different suppliers and wholesalers and it changed constantly. So my best recommendation is just try some google searches. You can also try looking on Amazon, Esty and AliExpress. I promise you'll find stuff you just gotta look.


I really care about the environment and I try to keep my business as green as possible. I use 100% biodegradable bubble wrap and recycled boxes for packing.

Have more questions?

Email me at!


This piece is so beautiful, that I'm having trouble putting it into words. Up close, you can easily tell that a lot of care and time went into making it. I truly admire the artist's work. It is worth every penny!

Lil Moon

Such a lovely piece of artwork. Looks beautiful on my window sill next to my succulents. Excellent craftsmanship and secure and fast shipping. Already coming back for another piece. THANK YOU!


 absolutely love it!! I cant believe I was able to get a beautiful wakuwakuisland piece♡♡. I have followed this store since 2016 and I love it. The details are amazing along with the dewy drops added in. I cant wait to purchase more!! 10000000/10♡♡♡


Absolutely adorable and came in great condition, clearly packed with a lot of care, and quick shipping as well! My favorite purchase of the year :)


I’m at a loss for words, this piece is so beautiful. Waku shipped this so quickly! I have purchased a few times from Waku and each time the quality of work and the joy I get from each piece is just overwhelming. Thank you so much. I added the pikachu end because they all just look so cute together. ❤️