Custom Orders

Standard Custom Orders: CLOSED 


Custom orders are closed due to Covid-19. I get most of my figures and Gameboy Shells from Japan which has currently stopped all shipments to the US for the time being. Even figures from the US and other countries have been getting lost in the mail and heavily delayed. Because of these issues I have decided to close Custom Orders until further notice. Custom orders are also extremely time consuming for me so in the future I will be heavily limiting how many I do. Right now I’m having fun just making what I want to make, with things that I currently have in stock, I’ve been doing shop updates once every couple weeks so I hope you enjoy those pieces :)

Standard Customs are $125 (not including tax and International shipping), This includes everything: Gameboy Shell, 2-3 plants, 5 add-on’s, moss and figure. Pricing is subject to change. 

Custom Orders include FREE US Shipping

International Shipping is $15

It will take approximately 3-8 weeks to complete your order depending on what you choose. (wait can be long If I have to wait for figures to arrive from overseas) I do not take orders more than 5 months in advance.

Once I have received your order request I will send you an email to confirm and figure options within 2-3 business days as well as a Etsy listing to purchase. Payment is required in upfront for all custom orders. All payments and shipping are processed through Etsy. I will send you a link to purchase through my Etsy shop once we have confirmed and gone over your order through email.

I do not take custom orders for glass, jar or lantern terrariums, my supplies are unsteady and constantly changing for those types of pieces.